Vittorio Sebastiano



Dr. Vittorio Sebastiano is an Associate Professor of OBGyN at Stanford School of Medicine, The Woods Family Endowed Faculty Scholar in Pediatric Translational Medicine, Stanford Maternal & Child Health Research Institute.

His lab has established and pioneered a new technology named ERA (Epigenetic Reprogramming of Aging), which repurposes the conceptual idea of reprogramming, with the goal to promote epigenetic rejuvenation of adult cells leaving their identity untouched. This new technology was patented and is being implemented by Turn Biotechnologies, of which Dr. Sebastiano is co-founder, Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board, and Head of Research.

Dr. Sebastiano is a member of the DIOR Beauty Age Reversal SAB; a founding member and scientific steering committee member of the Biomarkers of Aging Consortium.

In 2009, Dr. Sebastiano completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University, where he was among the first to demonstrate that iPSCs can be efficiently derived, genetically modified, and implemented for cell therapy in genetic diseases (Sebastiano et al., 2014, Science Translational Medicine).
Dr. Sebastiano completed his undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Pavia, Italy, where he studied murine germ cells and preimplantation development and where he pioneered cellular reprogramming by Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer. He joined the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine as a postdoctoral fellow under the mentorship of Dr. Hans Robert Schöler, where he continued his research on cellular reprograming, germ cells biology, and embryonic development.

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